7 major mistakes you must avoid while playing Mini Milita

The mini militia is a trend now, every group plays it if they know about it. You might have played it also, oh sorry, that’s why you are here.The trending game now changing the way of playing. users are searching for mini militia hack and much more. No worries there is always a solution.

Let me share you one thing, when I was a complete newbie in the mini militia I lost the almost every game. I feel how insane my friends are…

but after few searches on google help me out to understand what are the tricks you must know before playing mini militia only if you seriously want to win every match.

Newbie’s, almost all do some mistakes while playing it. The mistake is in front of you and you don’ catch it up. Don’t worry I will guide you which mistakes you must avoid while playing mini-militia.

One more thing please 😀 …

I don’t know why peoples hide the things, maybe fear if you win against him. Haha! Right? We are same… LOL…

Okay! Let’s continue with the blasting mini militia cheats.

7 Mini Militia Cheats You Must Know to Avoid Mistakes

Note: Before you start playing with the pro player you must play with medium level players. Pro players are well-skilled players, they might kill you and the cause, you feel live demotivated. So be the winner from starting. Choose only newbie and medium level players in the start.

#1: Most of the players start playing with Pistol from the beginning, don’t do this mistake. Change the gun at the start and as soon as possible and then play it. Using pistol you won’t be able to kill enemies fast.

#2: This is my pro secret sauce to win the game, The game only counts the wins if someone kills you. So why to die with someone else. Wow! Insane right? Yes kill yourself and save your entry. So isn’t it a cool trick?

#3: Players don’t see the weapons reload option. If you find the bullets are less then immediately reload the gun it may help you to save your life when you need bullets to kill.

#4 Why the game developer has given you the hand. Lol! Use hands when the enemy is near to you.

#5: Use zoom feature at the left top corner of the screen. If you aiming is perfect then use the sniper to zoom upto 7x by this way you can view the place of your enemy and kill them easily or use a rocket launcher, it also gives you the 6x zoom.

#6: Earn battle points while playing games online and buy the items from the store like Life refill fast, gun reloads fast, etc.

Pro Tip: Use sticky bombs to kill players. They don’t know where your bomb locates and they got boomed.

#7: Use the shield, it protects you from getting killed. This way you can win the game.

These are some of the mistakes or you can say it as tricks which users are not using it while playing. So adapt these tricks and enjoy playing the game in rookie mode.

Pro Tip: Use mini militia hack mods if still you getting killed.

Along with this, there are few chat codes which you can try. Well, this is the most enjoyable things which I love in mini-militia. We can talk about fun with users before the game starts. I always use this chat codes. Some of the chat code you already know but few of them are still hidden. So if you want to explore more chat codes then must try this codes and enjoy making fun of users.

GS – Get some
NN – No
HH – A perfect fighting machine
GG – Good Game
GM – Oh, They got me!
NS – Nice shot
WP – You wanna piece of me!
CM – Cover me
CB – Come on boy
MO – Move out
BI – Bring it
LG – Let’s go, yea
RU – Ready up

Final Thoughts!

Hope you gonna enjoy this cheats and love us. If you want anything more then we will surely provide you. This is the complete things which I use while playing the game, if I miss something then please help me by adding it in the comment section. Also, if you like the post then please do share it. Love you all friends. Enjoy playing. Happy gaming 🙂


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