5 Reasons to Own A Seedbox

Seedbox is a remote storage server enabling you fast uploading and downloading of data in a peer-to-peer network. Connected with a speedy system and having high bandwidth, seedbox uses BitTorrent protocol for downloading and uploading torrents.

The best thing about the seedboxes is they are compatible with the majority of operating systems as Windows, Linux, and Mac. One more thing, you can download the files on your computer anonymously via the HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or sync protocols. So, you will have no fear of being caught for downloading any copyright files.

Seedbox can make the life of that business owner quite easy who has to upload and downloads massive files, and every such businessperson needs to own a seedbox.


Do not worry. Here are five reasons that will explain to you why a business owner needs to win a seedbox.


Using a seedbox server helps you enjoy the uploading and downloading of the files anonymously and is an assurance of privacy protection. You get complete command over your privacy because nobody can breach into your details, as the access to files remains possible only by signing in to the account. What is more, seedbox features VPN for encrypted connectivity while browsing online.

Multiplied downloading speed

The seedbox service increases the downloading speed of the files. Once you take seedbox solution, you notice you can download a complete movie (available for legitimate downloading) within 5 minutes and an MP3 album in a minute or less than that. So, in time in which you download one movie, you can download many movies.

Multiplied uploading speed

If you upload files, seedbox can do great help to you. The seedbox will increase the uploading speed of your system. In a time, in which you upload one movie in that time you can upload several movies with the help of seedbox. Therefore, you can upload the whole time in quite less time and have much time for other works.

Reduced electricity bill

Seedbox will reduce your electricity bill. Many of you may be considering this to be a joke, but this is not a joke. The thing for which you have to keep your system switched on for an hour, you can complete that task within five minutes with the help of seedbox. We have seen many people who click on the download buttons of several files together and leave their system switched on for the whole night. You will need not do any such thing. Thus, this saves you on the electricity bill.

Increased Storage

Seedbox provides you with increased storage as well. The competition in the seedbox market is overly high and to beat their competitors in the competition, companies are offering high storage space than their competitors. However, only storage space cannot be the thing for which somebody should select a seedbox. One should consider everything.

By now, you must have understood why you should own a seedbox. So, embark on your search to take the best seedbox for you.

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