How to Attract More Viewers to Your YouTube Channel

If you are reading this, then we believe that you are struggling in getting viewers to your YouTube Channel.
Do not worry! You are not the only one going through that face. Everyone who is now heavily popular on YouTube went through that situation.
So, how did they came out of it?

Well, getting tons of viewers to your channel might look like a rocket science, but it is not much difficult if you are doing everything right.

Today we would reveal 5 tips you must follow to attract tons of viewers for your YouTube channel.

1. Create Quality Content Consistently
If your content is of poor quality then not even the biggest marketing agencies could help you. Quality content must be your primary goal followed by marketing and promotion.

  • When we say quality content, we mean that you must have a great script, if you are running a vlog, you must have a great way to talk and influence your audience
  • The audio and video quality must be excellent. Do not shoot videos from the mobile camera, get a professional camera instead.
  • Always use an external microphone and do not rely on the inbuilt microphones of the camera.
  • Do check that if your video looks good on all device including tablet, mobiles, and desktop.

Keep a consistent period of uploading so that your viewers know when they will see the new content. Even if you post one video in a week, upload it on a consistent day.

2. Use Excellent Titles
No one will get to know how great your content is if they do not click on your video. Clicks are purely based on the Title and the thumbnail.

Now we are asking you to create a title and thumbnail that is appealing and also at the same time relevant to your content.

Do not get into click bait, that will definitely get you clicks, but average view time for your channel with fall drastically.

3. Build a community
Do not just upload content and forget it, instead interact with your viewers to build a place for discussion.

The best way to build a community is to actually build it by talking to the viewers through the comments. Do not just interact with them over YouTube, use other social media channels such as Facebook as Twitter as well.

Outreach to the influencers in your niche, network with them on different forums and group to get the free exposure to your channel.

4. Collaborate with Other You tubers
Collaborations are one of the fastest ways to get exposures. All the YouTubers in the collaborations video are benefited from it.

The very simple way to collaborations is to reach out to the YouTubers who create a video related to your niche or on a sub-niche, that would like to collaborations with you.

You get an extended reach via collaborations and bring your content in front of a new audience.

5. Social Media Marketing
Social media is a giant market with the infinite audience. You might think that it is already influenced by other big players in your niche, but still, there is plenty of room in it.

Start with create profiles on all the social media channels and start updating content. Not just put videos on your page but also add the other relevant content related to your niche.

Interact with your followers on social media to improve your engagement rate.

6. Keep creating content
Success never happens overnight, just keep creating the content and then apply marketing to it. Slowly and gradually you will get a good amount of subscribers and the traction you deserve.

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