5 Unconventional and Unique Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

There is no doubt that Instagram has become one of the most trending applications on social media today. Each and every active individual who currently has an Instagram account continuously looks for opportunities to post different photos to express themselves. But they also keep on looking for new ways to attract Instagram followers to their account and use mainly all the common ways that they know.
But it is surprising to know that there are number of unique and different ways also available to get more Instagram followers.

1. Posting Photos at 2 am or 5 pm:
IG Marketing experts from ExplodeGram have claimed and proved numerous times that time is an essential factor before posting a photo on social media and they are right. So one of the most unconventional ways of posting a photo would be that a person should post any of the photos either at 2 am or 5 pm. Keep in mind that those are general guide lines and these times can vary from niche to niche, but for a start, you can’t go wrong if you go with these timings and after do further research to shape your personal niche based schedule. These timings are considered when the people can be engaged with any content posted on Instagram. This will help in increasing the number of Instagram followers to the person.

2. Posting On a Sunday:
Of course, days are also crucial when it comes to posting any content on Instagram. This will attain a greater visibility to any of your images. So it is recommended that a person posts many of their photos on a Sunday. Sunday is regarded as a day where the fewest images are posted on Instagram. So this could be the day where people will view most of the posted images, and they may be your potential Instagram followers in the future. After all, we must use some creativity to differentiate from the masses.

3. Posting Photos Having a Lighter Tone:
It is seen that the photos which have a light tone ranging from 65-85% are more likely to be viewed and liked by the other Instagram users present. It is seen that at least 24% of more likes can be received for such light toned photos in comparison to the photos having 45% light. When a person views these pictures, they start to get an idea what kind of a person you are, and if they are impressed, they will become your newest Instagram follower. A fun fact is that images posted on Pinterest with human faces get less engagement than those without, when it comes to Insta it’s the opposite, pictures with faces have higher engagement, and we all know that the higher the engagement, the higher the organic page growth. Insta’s algorithm favorite accounts with higher engagement and rewards them with bigger exposure.

4. Using Faces In The Photo:
Selfies have become very common from one person to another today, and there is an important advantage to it when it comes to attracting more Instagram followers. It has been seen that images which have faces of any person or animal in them are likely to receive at least 35% more likes in comparison to the photos not having faces inside them. This is proven to be one of the best unique ways to get Instagram followers. You have to be careful with selfies though, don’t post too much of them, because they can’t be considered as evergreen content, as a matter of fact, some people dislike them. Make sure to think about them when planning your content strategy.

5. Posting on a Wednesday:
Wednesday, the mid-day of the week. It is also seen that the images which are posted on a Wednesday are received a bit more engagement in comparison to the photos posted on any of the other weekdays. Such images posted on a Wednesday are more likely to receive a number of Instagram followers.

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