Facebook- Best Tool for Digital Marketing?

Marketing is the biggest most important factor that drives your business and hopefully into a great success. If you are a new budding entrepreneur looking to expand your company or brands existence on to the online world and looking for the perfect platform to do that, then Facebook could be the one you would eventually turn to.

It is important that not only you have your aim, goals and reasons of using Facebook as your go-to social media marketing tool, you should also have a clear plan, strategies and techniques in order. One more thing you should set and finalise is your budget. Facebook advertisements not only require proper strategies but also money that you are willing to invest.

Let us go through some of the perks Facebook provides businesses with to promote their products, companies, services and brands.

1 Custom Targeting of Audience

Facebook allows you to make several paid campaigns that you can customize and target whichever audience you would like to. Facebook Audience Customization not only gives us more control over our money, choice but also gives us with considerably successful results.

There are a few types of Custom Audiences


Facebook Pixel Code is what you insert on your website and target all your audiences with Facebook ads. Instead of using user’s email addresses or phone numbers you can use this pixel code instead with ease and quite easily target everyone that visited your website or a certain page on your website.

List of Customers

A list of contact numbers, emails or simply User IDs of Facebook Users that you possess and Facebook will match it with its users for you. Usually the matches provided to you are aound 60-80% of the contact list that you have. Uploading this list usually is a manual work but if you use CUSTOM AUDIENCE SYNC TOOL, it will automatically do it for you. Online shopping portals also uses facebook for grabbing a big part of their sales.

Activity on App

You can create a custom audiences based on how people have used your application, either mobile or website application.

2 Large Visibility Low Cost

Shifting business online? Then you should be where most people are. And currently Facebook takes the number 3 spot.  Facebook comprises of more than one billion online users every month, now that is a lot for any business to thrive. And what could be a great deal where you spend small amount on your advertisements and in return you achieve a large visibility on user’s timelines.

3 Facebook Live

Facebook Live options are fairly new and were a success. A lot of brands, celebrities and events availed this feature, went live and gained a massive coverage on Facebook. The fact that it is live also gives users a sense of security that what they are witnessing is in real-time and not edited to fool them or betray them.

As a brand you can also use this feature and use it in several ways

  • Behind-the-scene sneak peaks
  • Have a Q&A sessions, where you answer live questions commented
  • Do a promotional video

Videos are the undisputed and have taken over. Once high quality captivating pictures were deemed the most successful way to gain users attention, but now small videos of few minutes have definitely become the ‘it’ thing on social media.

These few reasons are enough to get you started on Facebook Marketing, you can also go in-depth on how the technicalities work by doing research. There is tons of material online for you to understand.

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