Difference Between WordPress Website And Blogger Website

A basic question but with a great impact on knowledge. Whenever we meet some bloggers or a website owner, instantly one question comes to our mind that ‘what is the exact difference between WordPress website and Blogger Website?’ So today we are going to tell you that small points which differs a blog from a website. Blogger and WordPress are both an online format to show owner’s content and we can also say that Blog is a website to share your variety of informative content. It also depends on the requirement, only you can decide which one is the best for you.

Now let’s discuss and clear the difference:

1] Content Frequency: the First and primary difference is “Blog is Dynamic whereas Website is Static”. Now what it means, Dynamic website are frequently replaced and added to their content material, for example, a food blog with new recipes each day, while Static Website has constant facts and information, for example, you can choose any business website. Many internet site owner includes a blog because the search engines prefer dynamic content material.

2] Post: Posts are said to be the central feature of any blog. On blogs, the postings will appear in chronological order. Means last written post will appear in the first position. With a website, there is no place to post any topic. A website is just a basic web page where someone may go to obtain information on certain products, services or Ideas.

3] Comments: On a blog, traffic is allowed to leave comments, if owner authorizes it, at the posts. This is good for communication and helps drive traffic to the website. With a website, you do not commonly have a comment section.

4] Subscriptions: This lets in readers to become a member of the blog so that they may be notifying whenever writer writes a new post. The benefit is that this creates an internet community.

5] Informative: Blog and website are two different formats for online content they aim towards different kind of audience and users. A blog contains more information like authors interest, experiences etc. They updated more frequently to attracted readers.

When to Choose a Blog and When to Choose a Website?

It completely depends on the individual choice or requirement to choose blog or website or both. If you have a lot of content to write and want to show this to the audience you should probably choose blogger platform. You can also go for a blog if you are an individual. Whereas per the commercial point of view any professional team should go for a commercial website because it will represent their image and reputation in the market.

Nowadays few companies also incorporate blog with their website because of the search engine like dynamic and more informative content.

Conclusion: I hope this article will help to clear basic difference between WordPress and blogger, when to choose and where to choose.

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