Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

Aside from content and link building, another thing that SEO agencies in the Philippines really focus on is social media marketing. With most of the entire human population on the social platforms, promoting your business on these is just smart. For those who are clueless and those that want to know what the best SEO agencies in the Philippines know, here’s everything you need to know about social media marketing… in a nutshell:

It’s All About Interaction

Social media is not a free billboard for you to post your ads. In fact, doing this will annoy your audience. The focus of your social media should be on interaction. Show the human side of your business and use your accounts to make friends with your customers and talk to them.

Make it Personal

You can hire the best SEO agencies in the Philippines to make the content of your social media accounts. However, when it comes to replying and talking with the people, it’s best that you do it yourself. This is because success in social media marketing is all about making true personal connections with the people. When they feel that this connection is true, they will feel like they matter and that you care for them.

You Don’t Need to Be on All Platforms

Instead, do your research and see where most of your audience hangs out. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have multiple account. What it does mean is you have to know where to focus most of your efforts. So if your audience hangs out on Facebook most often, then spend more time there too. You can have a Twitter and an Instagram, but you can use these just to have the random tweets and behind the scenes photos.

Change Up Your Posts

So it doesn’t get too bland. When people see the same type of content on your site, they’ll get bored. So, have a combination or videos, text images, photos, articles, etc. Even strike up the random conversation every once in a while. It will keep your audience interested in you.

It’s Just a Part of Marketing

Yes, social media can be your main tool for marketing. However, marketing doesn’t stop there. Connecting it with the right email marketing will update your previous customers with what you’re up to now and what new things you offer. Doing this could bring them back to buy more from you. Also, the main use of social media is to be a link for casual internet users to your main website.

It Evolves Everyday

Social media depends on trends and trends change every day. So you always have to be on your toes and watch out for the newest design trends, most popular posts (and memes), etc. Just keep on observing people, reading articles, and adapting and you’ll be fine.

Negative Comments Are Normal

But just don’t let it get to the point that all you get is negative comments. At that point, you need to think if you’re doing something wrong. But aside from that, the negative comment here and there is perfectly normal. When you see these, don’t take it personally. Instead, talk to the person who said it and see what you can do to address his problem. You may need to change something about your business in order to improve it; that’s growth!

Key Takeaway

Of course, these are just the summaries of these points and we can go more in-depth about all of these but let’s save those for another time; another article. But these are the basics that you need to know to how to start running your social media marketing just like the best SEO agencies in the Philippines. Try them out and see your sales skyrocket!

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