Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature the App Pair

An interesting updates take advantage of the entire screen size of the Galaxy Note 8. They call it App Pair and are to pair applications to launch them at a time.  This new feature will also be available to the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

In real time, a process of multitasking has become the most convenient. Just go to the side menu of the curved screen and select which two applications you want to pair with. Thus, when you click on its icon, they start and are displayed on the screen at the same time. Without wasting time throwing one and then the other, and what is better, being able to carry content from one tool to the other comfortably. For example, you can pass a contact from the calendar application to an email in the email application. A function that blurs the boundary between mobiles and computers, and that makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a really useful device to work with. We’re sure; you will be able to say the same for the next Samsung Galaxy S9 as well.

If we take care of what brings under the hood the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 we find very few news regarding the Galaxy S8. And, if something works well, why change it? We are dealing with a powerful terminal, which includes the company’s latest processor: the Exynos 8895. A 64-bit, 10-nanometer, and the eight-core processor that, as we have seen in S8, is capable of moving any task without messing up. The most powerful in the market today, but soon will be replaced with the Samsung Galaxy S9 that going to have the Snapdragon 845 chipset.


Applications and games, as well as any graphic process such as photo and video editing, are carried out with total ease. It is also a mobile ready for the future, with Gigabit LTE options or Internet speeds of 1 gigabit per second. Something that in Spain will be used as soon as in the infrastructure is created, of course. We were not expecting less from the terminal more pointer of Samsung and, although it does not surprise with new ones in the processor, it fulfills enough. We may expect to see the surprises in the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

As for memory, the Galaxy Note 8 comes with a single model of 6 GB of RAM, according to the top of the range of the rest of the company. A memory that helps makes everything run smoothly. We still have to test it thoroughly, but we have not noted any slowdowns or problems in loading applications, functions or contents. We want Samsung to compete with the OnePlus 5, so it should feature the 8GB RAM.

And if we cater to your storage, we find 64GB capacity. Always expandable by micro SD card with up to 256 GB extra, enough for the average user to take advantage of services like Google Photos, Google Drive or Dropbox to carry their documents and content in the cloud. Samsung can also increase the size of the Dropbox limit once the Samsung Galaxy S9 is revealed to the world.


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