Best Tools for Detecting Duplicate Content 2017

These tools are very useful to discover who has copied the contents of your web, this is necessary since in many occasions Google can penalize us for having duplicate content in our page. Here we explain each of these:


Its use is very simple, you just have to copy any text from your web and paste it in the box. This tool will search the search engines (Google and Yahoo), if there is a page that has the same text. Check texts in 190 different languages.

When you hit the text click on “check duplicate content” and you’re done. If the text is not limited you will get a message: 100% unique

Plagiarism Checker

Like Plagiarisma, this is a free tool in which you can paste the texts of your web (with a limit of 1.000 characters), if you prefer you can upload a .txt document, .docx or put the url of the web that we want to check.


This tool is one of the most used by SEO programmers, to check the originality of the texts of a web page and to check if a page can be penalized by the duplication of texts.

To use it we will only have to use the url in concrete of which we want to analyze the texts and the tool will tell us in which webs the content is repeated. We can only use the tool 10 times a day.

To use this tool you need to register in your database, then you can use the free tool with a limit of 3,500 words. In order to verify if the contents are duplicated we must upload them in a text file for the verification.


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