Top Tools to Optimize Mobile Apps

Before starting our discussion about top tools for optimizing mobile applications, we think it suitable throwing light on what the term “Mobile Apps Optimization” really means.

What is Mobile Apps Optimization?

The term Mobile Apps Optimization stands for the method of improvising the visibility or ranking of a mobile application in any app store like Google Play Store, App Store, Windows Store, BlackBerry World, etc. It is not every app that gets the first attention of the visitor on any app store.

After successful development and testing of an application, the next step is optimizing the mobile app so that it can rank higher in the relevant app store/market.

In addition to the description and a compelling portfolio of any app, various means can improve the search listing or visibility of a mobile app. There are dedicated tools for that purpose, which we call mobile apps optimization tools.

Here are some powerful and highly appraised tools to optimize mobile apps.

1: App Annie

App Annie is the leading app data industry and app analytics providing services that offer its users an easy to use and understandable platform for dealing with every kind of application. This web-based service provides an integrated market data solutions and app analytics of such an authentic level that every user can use its services to uncover more business opportunities. Discovering, strategizing, acquiring, engaging and monetizing are the primary services of App Annie.

2: StoreMaven

The fundamental purpose of StoreMaven was testing mobile apps, but later on, this web-based service started to offer mobile apps optimization as well. Among other utilities, the ASO guides, offers support&setup and enables the developers to design app pages that get more installs. If you want to understand the essential elements responsible for increasing conversion rates, then you need to enjoy the optimization services of StoreMaven.

3: SensorTower

SensorTower took life from the idea of store intelligence systems that provide the product with salient keywords and competitive data. It allows users of mobile apps to quickly improve the performance, overall visibility and of course one of the most critical elements, Return on Investment.  It is probably among the few ASO platforms that equip its users with the data and insights needed to get professional means of increasing the traffic to the mobile application.

4: AppTopia

AppTopia is a dedicated platform for the app developers and publishers where they can access top app intelligence across the globe. This web-based ASO service lets its users identify latest SDKs and opportunities, store trends, and many other relevant means and tools to beat the competition and get rank higher in the corresponding app store. AppTopia allows you to acquire more users, stay updated about competitors and make the right strategic decisions.

5: Mobile Action

Mobile Action works a little different from most of the mobile optimization tools. It gives overall access to the global app store data and assists its users in competing in the ongoing crowded marketplace. Mobile Action offers three kinds of services: app store optimization, app store intelligence and app analytics. Start using the services of Mobile Action and get insights for any mobile application of any app store.

6: App Figures

App Figures is a web-based mobile application-tracking platform for the mobile apps developers and programmers. From indie developers and newbie to mega-publishers and enterprises, App Figures offers a variety of solutions. It is a means for staying ahead of the curve and making timely and smarter decisions with the leading and most demanding advanced app analytics. From tracking to analytics, App Figures has the solution for all mobile apps optimization issues.

7: TheTool

TheTool is one of the most accomplished ASO and contains mobile application marketing tools powered by data analytics. It assists its users in improving rankings and boosting the application visibility over the app store. It is complete in all sense and helps the developers to get more downloads and monetizing effortlessly. With this, the marketers and developers can start tracking and optimizing all keywords rankings, top charts, conversion rates, user ratings, etc.

8: AppTweak

AppTweak is the perfect alternative to paid advertising. This cost-effective mobile optimization tool offers its users with all insights, data, and tools that they need to enhance the number of their application. The tracking, analytics and monitoring tools of AppTweak can be easily accessed from its centralized dashboard where you can freely search which applications are bidding on any given keyword. That is just the beginning. You will get more once you start using it.

9: Priori Data

Priori Data offers the mobile apps developers with the advanced ASO tools, marketing tools, and mobile app data intelligence system. It enables both small developers and enterprises to develop long-term winning strategies in the mobile application market. If you want to get instant and cost-effective access  to such tools that let you outperform your competition in most of the app stores, then you need to give a chance to the services of Priori Data.

10: Tune

Tune probably offers one of the most complete and comprehensive sets of products for app developers and marketers to drive real results in the mobile world and beyond. Tune assists its users in managing marketing campaigns and engaging with the right audience to optimize the app store performance. All of these activities will lead to growing the business.


There is no shortage of paid marketing options over the internet, but the need for mobile app optimization tools will never lessen. In fact, mobile apps optimization tools are more cost-effective and efficient as compared to ordinary advertisement and marketing tools. One of the most significant advantages of using mobile apps optimization tools is the promise of features that help in identifying leading keywords, monitoring tools, data insights tools, tracking system, monetization system and much more.

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